What is The Magician's River?

The Magician’s River was created by Anna Lucia to build a bridge between reality and desire.

This is for people who...​​
  • ​​​feel disconnected and alone
  • are depressed or experience anxiety
  • need the dynamic power of art
  • would benefit from healing energy
​​ I help people who feel unseen, feel seen again.

Whether that means getting a portrait of yourself or a loved one done, so that you may see your/their soul's energy on paper,

or choosing energy work or coaching to realign you inside out,

the fundamental
core of all of my work is that
you heal yourself.

Who I am

​I used to be sick all the time. Depressed. Unhappy.

The fact that I'm presently a healthy, happy human who 
believes I can choose to have a magical life

means that you
can be too.

Choose Your Path

Art means everything to you, or at the very least it shakes your soul and makes you feel alive, connected, expressive.

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You energy needs realignment and soothing vibrations. Over time, this work brings you peace, self confidence, and overall energetic strength. 

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Getting guidance as an
artist feels overwhelming. 
Maybe you lack the confidence to even let yourself be an artist.
but deep down, you know it's for you.

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Your desire for knowledge
is urging you to
search for more.
There is so much to learn.

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​Anna is in association with Enchanting Ways of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Many of her services are held at the Enchanting Ways office in Uptown, Lowry Hill.

The rest are held online.