Anna's Story

I have had quite the journey with art and healing.
For over 20 years, I suffered from depression, anxiety, chronic illness and chronic fatigue. 
When I was younger, older people made comments about how nice it is to be young and energetic – I felt so patronized and misunderstood. Because I had no energy, and it was miserable being the young me!

I hated myself, I hated my body, I was sick, and I had no energy and spent my days playing the “spoon” game. I desperately wanted to either not be alive, or to drastically change. 

My days were spent withdrawn and in a fantasy land – I drew every single day, wrote every single day, read all the time, or watched movies and animation. Art was my only hope in life, and I was drawn into other people's stories, desires, connections - and felt less alone this way.

My mantra became “nothing lasts forever”, and it was my only comfort that someday I wouldn’t hate my life. I held onto hope.

During my search to alleviate my chronic illness and depression, I slowly stopped making art. After a long journey, I began to discover that the answer to manifest health and wellness is actually in mindset work – that you are the cure you’ve been wanting.
And art very slowly came back to me.

But it wasn't until recently that I had this realization - art is my life's calling. Even if I did not have this business, I would still be creating art. I will for the rest of my life, too.  

If you are on a similar journey to me - dealing with chronic illness or depression or something similar - then hold onto hope. 

At the end of it all, you meet who you really are – and you are set free from your past. You meet your true Self.