One-on-One Co-Creation Coaching:

​The Only Artist's Block Coaching Service in the Twin Cities

At some point, many artists struggle with hitting a wall. It may be for reasons you understand, but most of you don’t know why it happened or how you can move past it. You WANT to create, but your hands won’t move in coordination with your heart. The block is real. You feel like less because of it. You strongly desire to put your heart into your work, but can’t.

As an artist who struggled with depression and artist’s block for about a decade or more, I understand this deep, difficult struggle and how you can start connecting with your inner desires as an artist and manifest it on your canvas. Truthfully, “artist’s block” is rooted in FEAR, and here at Magician’s River, we say “FUCK fear.”

​​One-on-one co-creation is a service that will change your life by working past your fears, getting to the root of your desires as an artist, and connecting back to your heart in order to manifest your art freely once again. The purpose of this service is to work together to overcome artist’s block (i.e. FEAR) by co-creating art from your soul and stepping into your power.

see if we are a good fit for your needs, and set up an appointment to begin discovering who you are again!

I highly recommend doing coaching in conjunction with energy work, which is why I offer coaching + reiki packages!